Thursday, October 15, 2015

Prince Philipp in Romania

On Wednesday, Prince Philipp was in Romania to attend a conference for the Family Business Network Romania. The conference theme was "Traditionalism and Modernism in Family Businesses." More than 60 participants in family businesses across Romania were at the conference. One of the biggest challenges facing these businesses in future years is the fact over 90% of those in Central and Eastern European countries are still being managed by the founding generation. Based on a poll done within Romania, fewer then 30% of family businesses in that country have been passed on to a succeeding generation. This means that questions of probate and transference to future generations have not been explored extensively yet. The conference highlighted these issues and offered solutions for family business participants.

A little more information about the conference here. (The story at the link is in Romanian.)

Unfortunately, no photos of Prince Philipp at the conference have surfaced. They'll be added if any show up. 

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