Sunday, October 18, 2015

And the Winner of the Luxarazzi Tiara Race Is...

After beating Princess Margaretha's Sapphire and Diamond Tiara, the Diamond Art Deco Tiara, Grand Duchess Maria-Ana's Tiara as well as Queen Victoria Eugenia's Aquamarine Tiara in previous rounds, the Belgian Scroll Tiara also took home the victory against the Diamond Vine Leaves Tiara in our Grand Final of the Luxarazzi Tiara Race. Gathering 52.41 percent of your votes in the final, the tiara once gifted to Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte as a wedding present can now proudly call itself the winner and your favourite sparkler of the Grand Ducal Tiara Collection.

Congrats to Order of Splendor and our commentators Avery, Marina, NotRoyal, Mellie, Gretchen K., Orangemily, Mrs Diamond and AnnemarieGK who all predicted a win of the Belgian Scroll Tiara as the outcome of the Luxarazzi Tiara Race. A HUGE thank you and all the other commentators out there who shared their opinions during the last three and a half months that were the Luxarazzi Tiara Race, and of course thank you to everyone who voted in the 32 polls that led us here!

And now there is only one thing for me left to ask - cause this is just like any other competition out there - which tiara do you think should have *really* won? Share your opinion in the comment section below! #TeamEmpire - but that's just my humble opinion...

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