Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Reorganisation of the Grand Ducal Court Plus the Grand Duchess Is Afraid of Flying

Photo: Guy Wolff / Luxemburger Wort /
The cour grand-ducale announced today that there will be a major reorganisation of communication and administrative roles. You might recall that there have been quite a number of people who have quit their jobs as of late and now the reorganisation shall bring the solution. Plus, the cour also stated that Grand Duchess Maria Teresa suffers from the same symptoms as Crown Princess Mette-Marit when it comes to flying.

During a press conference today, it was announced that during the past few months there have been internal audits at the cour led by psycho sociologist Chantal Selva to find a way to reorganise its dealings. In the future, there will be a a new private cabinet for the Grand Duke, which is to be headed by Michel Heintz. Together with his team, he will keep the Grand Duke updated about current political events, prepare audiences, write speeches and act as a court spokesman.

The Grand Duchess will have her own staff, led by Guy Schmit. Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie have their own secretary.

Henri Chrisnach, head of protocoll and aide de camp of the Grand Duke, will head the cour's organisation. Jean-David van Maele will become general secretary of finances. A new pilot communications committee will be responsible for press relations and headed by Nadège Lartigue. (Here's hoping they'll get better at updating their official website...) There is not yet a successor for Pierre Bley, who will remain court marshall until the end of the year.

During the press conference it was also mentioned that the Grand Duchess had not accompanied the Grand Duke on a number of trips abroad as she is suffering from an acute fear of flying, which she has not been able to overcome.

More info is available at Wort in German.

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