Friday, October 20, 2017

Alois Welcomes Diplomats from EU Member States

Photo: Radio Liechtenstein /
On the 18th, Hereditary Grand Duke Alois held a reception for diplomats from the EU Member States, who were on a visit to Liechtenstein. Prior to the reception, the visitors were able to explore a variety of cultural, economic, and political sites within the Principality and also meet with a number of leading figures: these included Klaus Risch, the President of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Industry and Commerce (LIHK); Albert Frick, the President of the Landtag; Hans-Werner Gassner, the President of the Liechtenstein Banking Federation (LBV); and Kerstin Appel, Director of the Kunstmuseum.

The EU Member States diplomats are part of the EU Council. In October of 2016, the EU Council formally reviewed the bilateral relations between Liechtenstein the EU and determined a state of positivity. In return, Liechtenstein was praised for its commitment the EU goals and was described as a "close and reliable partner."

A little more from Radio Liechtenstein.

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