Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Royal Recycling and Clothes Sharing: The Wish List

The other week, we had our tenth post on the clothes sharing love of the lovely ladies of Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. (Check it out >>right here<< in case you missed it.) To mark the jubilee, we thought it would be fun to ask some fellow fashion bloggers which clothes they would like to see get the same treatment - and so we asked our own Heaven, you may also know from UFO No More and some other ventures, Order of Splendor and Rebecca of Royal Hats to each name three pieces - here's what they picked...

Heaven would like to see these three dresses reused:
I would like Princess Alexandra to wear the Elie Saab dress Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie wore for her pre-wedding dinner because it was truly stunning and totally deserve another outing. I also hope either Stéphanie or Alexandra will wear this Elie Saab gown worn by the Grand Duchess in 2012 because it's one of my favorite Saab gowns worn by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and it is simple enough to suit both of them while still being stunning. And finally this outfit too because it's Elie Saab and burgundy is my favorite color and it looked so good on the Grand Duchess that I'd like Princess Claire to wear it too, I think it would suit her.

Somehow the picks by Order of Splendor also ended up being a bit of a Saab fest:
I would like to see Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie take on the pale blue/aqua Elie Saab gown worn by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa to Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding, because that color looks great on blondes. I’d also like to see the two Elie Saab dresses worn by the Grand Duchess and Hereditary Grand Duchess for the pre-wedding dinner for Guillaume and Stéphanie worn by anyone else in the family, because you can’t go wrong with more Saab. And lastly, I wish Princess Alexandra would take Princess Claire’s red polka dot Dolce & Gabbana dress for spin. It’s fun and youthful and a bit retro, a vibe that could really work for her.

And finally some hat-picks by Rebecca:

Members of the Grand Ducal Family don't wear many hats. We see family members in hats for major events (Octave of Our Lady of Luxembourg, Luxembourg National Day, family weddings) and while the Grand Duchess wears a handful more for official royal or state visits, the total is still very low. It's difficult to find pieces to share with such low numbers so I'm going to cast my net a little further and look to the family's Belgian cousins for some much needed millinery inspiration. There are three hats worn by Queen Mathilde that I think would be excellent to share with her Luxembourg cousins.
Embed from Getty Images
Hat #1: Since beginning her royal life in 2012, Princess Stéphanie has chosen either large brimmed hats (which often overwhelm her) or smaller percher cocktail designs. She is well suited to these smaller hats and their current popularity make them a very fashionable choice. I'd love to see her in this Fabienne Delvgine rimmed felt saucer with large multi-looped bow. The colour would be beautiful on Stéphanie and if she placed it as Queen Mathilde has here- over her right eyebrow on the side of her head, it would be a fantastic look for her.
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Hat #2: The Grand Duchess wears bright colours very well so my pick for her is a red straw pyramid saucer hat with feather trim, made by one of he go-to milliners, Fabienne Delvigne. I think Maria Teresa looks best in brimmed hats - the scale of this one would be great on her and this shape would provide gentler vertical uplift than the more severe upswept 'slice' brim hats she sometimes wears. We've see the Grand Duchess in many bright shades of pink, I'd love to see her try something in red.
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at #3: Princess Claire carries larger scale hats very well and I'd love to see her experiment more with less traditional shapes. This Philip Treacy gently curved grey saucer with long straw twists is a decidedly modern design that I think would be great on her. Looking over my trio of suggestions, I now realise I have chosen three different saucer hats! This is a shape we don't often see on the Grand Ducal ladies- a shape that I think could be a great one, in different variations, for each of them.

And now it is up to you: Which outfits would you like to see on a different family member?

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