Saturday, October 7, 2017

Guillaume and Sibilla at Serbian Royal Wedding

Photo: Screenshot
Earlier today in Belgrade, Prince Philip of Serbia, son of Crown Prince Alexander and thus member of the formerly ruling Karađorđević family, married Danica Marinković at the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel. Eagle-eyed me spotted Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla among the guests for the nuptials. Also in attendance were Queen Sofia of Spain and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and probably a few Liechtensteins as well though while I did have a look at the six-minute-long video, I didn't (care to) look through two hours of possible guest spotting. Leave us a note if you spot anyone of interest for this blog! 

On a slightly funny note: Does it look like either the bride arrived too early or some of the guests, (including the Luxembourgish ones) too late? You can spot Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla around the five-minute-mark.

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