Saturday, October 14, 2017

Louis and Tessy: Details of the Divorce Hearings

More details of the divorce hearing about the division of assets of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy have become public and, well, it's getting heated... Princess Tessy's legal counsel told the court according to a lengthy article by the Daily Telegraph, "My client has no wish to litigate and she made a very reasonable and sensible proposal. Unfortunately that proposal was rejected and my client had no option but to pursue this in litigation." The Princess' lawyer also stated after the hearings that "[Princess Tessy] is not a gold digger. Far from it. She is simply seeking a fair and proper settlement." Princess Tessy's legal team accused Prince Louis and his team of having threatened to drag the case out "for years" if Princess Tessy did not settle. One of the disputed points in the agreement is the estranged couple's home in Kensington, London.

Another point of argument was a recent article in a Luxembourgish gossip rag, Privat. The article claimed that Princess Tessy only married into the Grand Ducal Family for her own financial gain portraying her as a gold digger. Her legal team described the article as a "disgusting character assassination". Prince Louis' lawyer denied any claims that the cour grand-ducale had briefed the Luxembourgish media against his estranged wife, "My client is appalled at this. He has no idea how it came about. We share their disgust and will do anything we can to stop this happening."

(My humble two cents on the matter: Does anyone really think the cour works together with one of the worst kinds of gossip rags that has made fun of Prince Louis' dyslexia, Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa's weight, and the Hereditary Grand Duchess not having given birth yet - and that all within the last few weeks? Yep, didn't think so either. And an additional note: The above article claims "the Princess’ name was quickly scrubbed from the website of the Luxembourg royal family" - nah, not really quickly, it happened after national day this year so about five months into the divorce proceedings.)

Note: All quotes are taken from the article by the Daily Telegraph linked above.

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