Friday, May 31, 2013

Guests for Swedish Wedding Confirmed

On 8 June, Princess Madeleine of Sweden will marry her British-American fiancé Christopher O'Neill in Stockholm and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie are confirmed to be the Luxembourgish representatives at the wedding.

As the wedding is scheduled to start at 4pm, it means that the Hereditary Grand Duchess once again has the chance to dig deep into the family's jewellery vault to uncover a goodie to plop onto her head as it is a tiara event. (Also another good excuse to shop at Elie Saab, methinks!) It will take place at the Royal Chapel in Stockholm while the celebrations are to be held at Drottningholm Palace, a little outside of the city.

On the eve of the wedding day, there is going to be a private dinner hosted by King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm for which the royal guests will also be present.

(As a side note: I would not hold my breath for any guests from Liechtenstein but I would love to be proved wrong.)


  1. I really did not expect them to attend, so this is great news! I have my fingers crossed that she'll bring out the amethyst tiara.

  2. I thought that the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess would have been more likely.

    Amethyst tiara sounds great. It's a bit of a mystersy and possibly there might even be two in the family. I just hope that she picks out a new (to her) tiara and maybe something that we haven't seen recently.

  3. Same here on something new to her, especially since M-T seems much more willing to share with her daughter-in-law that J-C was. I wasn't blown away by her outing with the sapphire tiara, but she looked lovely in the larger floral tiara the family has, so I think there's potential there for her to look fantastic.

  4. A lot of people always say that JC wasn't too keen on sharing jewels because there are no pictures of MT with the Belgian Scroll before became Grand Duchess. Not sure if it is true though. There are a lot of other jewels owned by JC that were worn by MT while the was still HGDss, meanwhile Sibilla only ever got to wear the Belgian Scroll - I recall at least three occassions out of the top of my head - but not one other piece, either owned by JC or the family trust.

    On a sidenote, MT doesn't have the power over the family jewels. JC owned many of the pieces so she could decide who would wear what. Now those pieces are owned by the family, not sure if they are considered private property of Henri now or if they're part of the fidei commiss though. In any way, he is the one who has the power over them.