Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More From and About the Netherlands

The Dutch rounded off their investiture celebrations with a water pageant followed by a dinner at the Muziekbouw yesterday evening. The dinner for the royal and probably also other guests took place behind closed doors.

Photo: Getty Images
The new players to our blog from Liechtenstein recovered nicely dress-wise from that green overload for the actual investiture ceremony in the afternoon. Though they show us just how cold it must have been in Amsterdam yesterday; Hereditary Princess Sophie is swathed in not one but two wraps while Hereditary Prince Alois is carrying a coat or something.

Photos: Mark Stewart / Camera Press / Isopix
Meanwhile, our regular players from Luxembourg were back to Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume's mad pre-wedding camera-skipping skills. Here I was thinking that with a lovely lady on his arm, the days of looking for pictures of him at foreign events for hours and hours were finally over. Sigh, think again. Though luckily a few shots finally surfaced.

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie seems to be repeating the green dress she wore to to the wedding ball of Archduke Christoph and Archduchess Adelaide. In case your spot-the-Luxembourgish-guests-skills are betten than mine, please don't hesitate to send in links of better - read: less watermarky - pictures.

In related news, Grand Duke Henri has sent his "warmest congratulations" to the new King Willem-Alexander. He wishes his new fellow head of state every success in fulfilling his big responsibilities as well as personal happiness and prosperity for all Dutch people.

Source: Cour grand-ducale

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