Saturday, May 18, 2013

Liechtenstein Additions

As you are probably all too aware, we have recently added the Princely Family of Liechtenstein to the coverage of our blog though most of their faces are most likely not too familiar to you. This is not very surprising considering the fact that the family largely flies under the radar of the world's and even Europe's press.

To help you out with putting faces to the names that we will be (and already have been) throwing around, I have updated the Who's Who section of the blog with the members of the immediate Princely House. If you want to read more about them, have a look at Introducing Liearazzi.

As you probably already noticed, there is a link section on the right column of the blog which helps you find your favourite member of the Liechtenstein family (or simply the one and their family you want to read about).

Also, a section titled "Luxarazzi Goes Liechtenstein" was introduced to our Luxarazzi 101 page which deals with 101 posts about the Princely Family. So far there are two covering the history of the House and Family of Liechtenstein but new posts are likely going to be added in the future.

Just a reminder for you: If there is anything you are particularly interested in to read about in one of our 101 features, just drop us a line via the numerous ways to contact us or simply comment on any of the blog's posts. All ideas, related to the Grand Ducal Family or Luxembourg in general as well as the Princely Family or Liechtenstein in general, are much appreciated and warmly welcomed!

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