Thursday, May 23, 2013

Silver Anniversary

With an almost two-hour-long pontificial mass, Liechtenstein's archbishop celebrated the 25th anniversary of his episcopal consecration earlier today. The mass to celebrate the anniversary was attended by the Prince Hans-Adam II, the Princess Marie and the Hereditary Prince Alois.

Liechtenstein-born archbishop Wolfgang Haas was appointed coadjutor bishop of Roman Catholic Diocese of Chur in May 1988. (At the time, Liechtenstein was also part of the Swiss diocese.) Two years later, he became the bishop of Chur. After quarrels within the diocese and Swiss church in general due to Haas' conservatism, Pope John Paul II decided to erect the archdiocese of Vaduz consisting of twelve parishes, much to the dismay of Prince Hans Adam II. Haas ceased to be bishop of Chur and became the new archbishop of Vaduz on 2 December 1997.

Source: Vaterland, Me

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