Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spot the Royal! *

So... After closer examination of the the pictures of the opening ceremony of the Games of the Small States of Europe, I have to admit that I jumped the gun a little by already publishing the post about it. Not only did I add a video, but I also discovered many more familiar faces that are worth a special mention. Can you too?

Photo: Gerry Schmit / Jeff Lahr / Tageblatt
Looking further than the first-row-royals, you will also find Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla and at least three of their children, Prince Paul-Louis, Prince Léopold and Princess Charlotte, as well as Princess Margaretha and her daughter Princess Marie-Astrid among the cheerful crowd.

Apologies for the, in some cases, blurry pictures but the photographers, at least thus far, did not have the royal back row crowd in their focus.

Update: Better pictures are now available at Le Quotidien.

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