Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Luncheon in Luxembourg

Photo: Charlot Kuhn / Luxemburger Wort /
While Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie are still whiling news-less in China, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa as well as Prince Louis and Princess Tessy joined a Christmas luncheon hosted by Stëmm vun der Strooss (Voice of the Street) today. The humanitarian organisation has organised the luncheon for the homeless and poor, asylum seekers, ex-prisoners, drug addicts, people suffering from mental illnesses and other people who are socially vulnerable and might not have anybody to spend Christmas with since 1966. It's interesting to note that the members of the Grand Ducal Family weren't invited for the event but instead asked Stëmm vun der Strooss whether they could come and join.

Other guests at the luncheon attended by about 350 socially vulnerable people included the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Mars di Bartolomeo, health minister Lydia Mutsch and Luxembourg's new (and old) mayor Lydie Polfer. During the course of the lunch, the homeless and otherwise disadvantaged people also received gift bags with clothes. It's nice to see the Grand Ducal Family being involved with such a worthy cause, we often tend to forget that poverty is right there in front of our doorstep and sadly an all too common occurence even in Western society. Also nice to see that Prince Louis and Princess Tessy seem to have gotten more and more involved in Luxembourg over the last year or so instead of only popping up for the major events.

Pictures can be found at Tageblatt, Wort in German, Wort in French, Wort in English, on the website of the cour and at RTL who also have a video.

Source: Wort, RTL

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