Saturday, December 14, 2013

Royal Hunt in Denmark

Photo: Splash News
Admittedly this is kind of old news but to be honest I'm neither a regular follower of the Danish royal family nor of royal hunts so it took me a while to notice... Last month Prince Philipp was in Denmark to participate in the annual royal hunt organised by Prince Consort Henrik at Grib Skov. (You can see the two together towards the end of this video before getting into the car together.)

The event usually brings out an array of Danish and French (-based or -speaking, really) nobles and it actually isn't the first time that Prince Philipp took part in it. He and his wife are regular guests at events related to the French-born husband of the Danish queen. In addition, their second son Prince Wenzeslaus was among the wedding guests for the 2004 wedding of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. But anyway, another royal guest I noticed was Prince Lorenz of Belgium who is also a regular attendant of the royal hunts.

While the men went out hunting there was a much nicer (to me, at least) ladies' programme going on. Led by Queen Margrethe, the ladies including Princess Isabelle drove from Fredensborg Palace north of Copenhagen to Amalienborg Palace in the Danish capital to visit the local museum. They also went to Frederiksborg Palace to view the Museum of National History. In the evening they all reunited to have a grand dinner together.

Source: Billed Bladet

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