Friday, December 20, 2013

Finally, Pictures from China

Photo: Adrien P. Bernard / Cour grand-ducale
Just when I had worked the magic of copying Chinese characters into Google and managed to find yet another picture of the Hereditary Grand Duke and the Hereditary Grand Duchess, I was delighted that find that Wort finally has pictures of this week's economic mission. Check out the German, French and English versions, as always the pictures slightly vary. The website of the cour has some of the pictures in higher quality and it looks like L'essentiel has published all pictures available, at least they have a gallery of 45 visuals.

To give you a rundown: the Luxembourgish delegation started off in Beijing on Monday, before travelling to Shanghai on Tuesday. They then made their way to Hangzhou, 200 kilometers southwest of Shanghai, and finally to Wuxi City, 200 kilometers northwest of Shanghai, where "the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg government and the Reserve couple rate tin trade delegation visit to attend the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in the city's 'Luxembourg: gateway to Europe' economic and trade exchanges, and witness Wuxi - Luxembourg Comprehensive Economic and Trade Cooperation Strategy signed a memorandum of understanding" or so Google translate tells me.

In the most boring news there are for any royal blog ever, there were ambassador accreditations going on in Liechtenstein today as Cesar Osvelio Mendez Gonzalez of BoliviaThomas Hauff of the United Kingdom and Bader Saleh Al Tunaib of Kuwait presented their letters of credence to Hereditary Prince Alois.

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