Monday, September 15, 2014

Coins and Orders

During a cabinet meeting on Friday, Luxembourg's government agreed that a commemorative coin to remember the 50th anniversary of Grand Duke Jean's accession to the country's throne will be issued on October 1st. The Grand Duchy's former ruler became head of state on November 12, 1964, upon his mother's abdication. (For more information on the abdication and accession matter, have a look here.) Naturally, Grand Duke Henri will also be featured on the 2 Euro coin as Luxembourgish law stipulates that the head of state has to be on every coin.

Meanwhile in Liechtenstein today, Hereditary Prince Alois awarded the Commander's Cross of the country's Order of Merit to Norbert Frick, ambassador of the permanent mission of Liechtenstein in Geneva, and politician Alexander Batliner for their services rendered to the Principality.

Source: Chronicle, IKR

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