Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Grand Duke Opens Freeport and Other News

Earlier today, Grand Duke Henri officially opened the new "Freeport Luxembourg" at Findel Airport. In the future, the 13,000 square metre large high security building located next to the cargo centre will be used to store luxury free of import duties. Those will only need to be paid once the goods - mostly wine, art, luxury cars and gemstones - leave the building. While construction took 22 months, it cost more than 55 million euros. Pictures are available on the website of the cour.

Already yesterday, Hereditary Prince Alois welcomed seven of his country's honorary consuls for a reception at Schloss Vaduz. The seven guests from the U.S., Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong were on a visit to Liechtenstein to learn more about the country and current ongoings. Pictures can be found at Vaterland.

On Thursday last week, Prince Nikolaus whiled in Washington D.C. where he was one of the speakers at the "Do Religious Freedom and Human Rights Clash in Today’s Democracies?" conference organised by the Transatlantic Christian Council at the Library of Congress.

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