Sunday, September 14, 2014

Prince Félix Talks Wine, Faith, Baby Daughter

As promised, here is Prince Félix's interview with Dutch royalty magazine Blauw Bloed. (Here's a direct link in case the video above does not work for you.) Simply skip ahead to the 7:48 and 22:18 marks to see it as well as a tour of Château les Crostes. Princess Claire can also be seen in the video though she did not join her husband, who talked about their wine estate, their baby daughter, his faith and connections to other European royal families for the English-language interview.


  1. Prince Felix seems very down to earth. If its possible I think I like him even more after watching this segment!

  2. That's great, too bad it didn't include more of Princess Claire. I would have loved to hear a little more about her too.