Saturday, September 13, 2014

Royally Speaking with Akram of Royal Couturier

In the 9th edition of our Royally Speaking series, I asked Akram of The Royal Couturier a few questions about royal fashion and more. 

Getting right into it… What came first, your interest in royalty or your interest in fashion and how did you get interested in the Princely Family of Monaco?
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Both at the same time really, I was five and we had an issue of a society magazine and it had a feature about Princess Fawzia of Egypt and I was enchanted by her astonishing beauty, dazzling tiara and spectacular satin gown. But my interest in fashion grew over time while my passion for royalty had to wait until internet connection got faster. I've always been interested in less popular royals, the kind of royals that are "bullied" by press like Princess Beatrice and Princess Charlene. So when it came to blogging I picked the blonde newbie to start with. She proved to be worth following over the past 3 years and there was so much anticipated from her marrying Princess Grace's son. Grace was also one of my favorite royals, so the Grimaldis seemed like the perfect choice, after all, Prince Rainier and King Farouk of Egypt were best friends.

If you could give Princess Charlène one (or three) styling tips, which one(s) would it (they) be?
1. Get out of your comfort zone NOW. 
2. Explore the Grimaldi jewelry vault. 
3. Let me style you... and I'll do the first 2!

I’m constantly amazed by your skills to identify who wore which designer. Is there a secret behind it (that you care to share)?
It's just a lot of searching and communication really. I spot pieces on runways, celebrities and magazines, others are just "signature" pieces of designers. And I'm always emailing fashion houses and royal courts for confirmations, and if all these roads are blocked, sometimes Googling "strapless red gown" or "drop diamond earrings" would do.

Photo: The Place
Is there any designer that hasn’t been discovered by any royal yet but whose designs you would like to see on some royals? If yes, which designer (and which royal) would it be?
Given that Arab royals wear every single designer, I think we're the ones that are yet to discover that royals have discovered them. I think Delpozo would be the one I'd like to discover on many royals, I think Kate, Beatrice, Madeleine and Mette-Marit would look great in his creations. As for Charlene, I'm crossing my fingers she'll discover Valentino and Victoria Beckham soon!

If you could invite six royals (dead or alive) to a dinner party, who would find an invitation in their mailbox?
Okay, first thing the dinner is white tie and tiaras are NOT optional! So I'd invite:
1. Princess Fawzia: to ask her if she ever got the flowers I used to send on her birthday.
2. Queen Nazli: to ask her what on earth she was thinking all her life!
2 (b). If her majesty is busy she can send Princess Beatrice, I've been dying to see her in a tiara!
3. Queen Elizabeth: to see if she has any more hidden jewelry.
4. Princess Grace of Monaco: I have to see her to believe that this kind of beauty really exists.
5. Princess Charlene: On the condition that she'll impress me with her fashion/jewelry choices.
6. Princess Lalla Salma: I'd like to get to know more about her.


  1. I have loved this series but the final question is the killer question - it's GREAT! Akram's answer No. 1 was SO sweet: sending flowers...!!!

  2. I'm glad you like it. I think that it's great that we have just a variety of guests among the different bloggers showing all their different interests and personas.