Sunday, March 27, 2016

Liechtenstein: From Farmer to Banker

Firstly, a happy and peaceful Easter to all of you celebrating it and your loved ones!

Secondly, not sure anyone recalls but about one and a half years ago, members of the Princely Family attended the movie premiere of 1818 - Die Liechtenstein Saga. The Youtube-loving champion procrastinator that I am sometimes, I stumbled over a shortened version of the documentary aired by Austrian TV station ORF the other day. Narrated by Friedrich von Thun (a.k.a. Count Friedrich of Thun and Hohenstein), it is titled "Liechtenstein: Vom Bauer zum Banker" (Liechtenstein: From Farmer to Banker). It includes interviews with Prince Hans-Adam II, Hereditary Prince Alois and Prince Philipp, and covers the country's history from a poor agricultural backwater to one of the richest country's in the world.

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