Monday, March 21, 2016

Prince Guillaume Awards "Jonk Fuerscher" Prizes

On Sunday, Prince Guillaume attended the awards ceremony for the "Jonk Fuerscher" competition, which recognizes young people's efforts in areas ranging from biology and engineering to medicine and history, and more. Thirty competitors, aged 11-21, joined into 17 different teams for the event, which saw both Prince Guillaume and Lydie Polfer, the Mayor of Luxembourg City, handing out prizes.

One winning project by Camilla Hurst (aged 15), was entitled "What do we bring home from school? Phase 2" and saw the second year in a row that Camilla has been recognized in this competition (with her "Phase 1" project also highlighted in the 2015 awards ceremony). Additionally, "Das Elektro-magnetische Auto" by Same and Tom Herz (aged 17) was honored by the judges. 

The winning competitors will go on to represent Luxembourg in other international competitions.

Some photos of the winners at Chronicle.

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