Sunday, June 12, 2016

Félix and Claire Support Le Sourire de Lucie

On Friday evening, Prince Félix and Princess Claire were at home in Lorgues to support the organization Le Sourire de Lucie, which helps the families with children that are affected by Sjögren-Larsson Syndrome. Le Sourire de Lucie is raising money for a house in Toulon which will open its doors to the families needing assistance.

The evening was hosted in part by Lorgues Ovalie Var, the local rugby association, and held at Château Les Crostes. Other attendees included American actor Gary Dourdan (of CSI fame), French actor Catherine Marchal (from Section Zéro), and professional navigator Marc Thiercelin, as well as the other professional athletes who were there to support the organization and its cause.

Prince Félix and Princess Claire have been ongoing supporters of Le Sourire de Lucie. A little more information about the recent event here.

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