Monday, December 5, 2016

Hereditary Prince Alois Talks Art and Image

Photo: Eddy Risch / Berner Zeitung /
Hereditary Prince Alois sat down with Oliver Meier and Jon Mettler, for Berner Zeitung, to discuss the Princely family's art collection, in addition to Liechtenstein's image abroad. The Hereditary Prince mentioned that the family's art collection functions as a kind of ambassador for Liechtenstein, particularly through the exhibition of the collection, as this brings tourism to the country or increases interest in Liechtenstein during exhibitions abroad. He acknowledged that his own tastes vary widely, from the Old Masters that are currently in the collection to more modern pieces of art that inspire his interest.

He shared the story about the art collection's somewhat dramatic history during World War II. The collection was evacuated from Nazi territory, sometimes through intense negotiation and sometimes through pure trickery to sneak many of the more significant pieces of art across borders.

Hereditary Prince Alois also highlighted the country's recent efforts for increased transparency and noted that evolving times require an evolving attitude toward the exchange of information.

A little more from Berner Zeitung.

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