Thursday, October 20, 2016

Grand Duke Henri attends 100th Anniversary Session

Photo: Alain Rischard / Tageblatt /
Earlier today, Grand Duke Henri attended the official celebration for the 100th Anniversary of Free Trade Unions. During the event Andre Roeltgen, the president of OGBL, noted some of the positive and negative impacts of free trade locally in Luxembourg and on a larger scale in Europe. He noted that sometimes the unions are the driving force for social progress in Luxembourg while sometimes steamrolling over social models in other countries. He concluded his speech by reiterating the OGBL vision "peace, democracy and prosperity for everyone, here in Luxembourg and around the world."

Xavier Bettel made the statement that as a generation who has known no war, we must uphold the duty and legacy of our parents and grandparents for the sake of peace and solidarity.

Andre Roeltgen wrapped up by quoting German theologian Hans von Keler: "History is more than past events, history is created layer by layer - history is the foundation on which we stand and build."

More visuals at Tageblatt.

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