Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hereditary Prince Alois: "There Are No Classes For Future Monarchs"

Photo: Sandra Ardizzone / Aargauer Zeitung
Hereditary Prince Alois has given a lengthy interview to Aargauer Zeitung, a Swiss newspaper, about the advantages of a monarchy, growing up as a prince and Liechtenstein's relations to Switzerland. In the interview the Hereditary Prince talks about how he differed from his classmates - "our homes looked different" -, how three generations of members of the Princely Family live under one roof at Schloss Vaduz - "you have to imagine it like an apartment house" - and more. He also tells, "There are no classes for future monarchs, at least I don't know of any." Too bad, can't you just imagine the University of Royal Sciences including classes like "Royal Waving 101" with Queen Elizabeth II, "Dressing the Part" with Crown Princess Mary, "The Art of the Laid-Back King" with King Willem-Alexander and "How to Smile When Your Consort Says Stupid and/or Offensive Things" co-chaired by Queen Elizabeth and Queen Margarethe?!

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