Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Liechtenstein Tiara Championship (Finale): Princess Olga's of Greece's Boucheron Diamond Tiara vs. Douglas Floral Tiara

Well, well, well... Looks like summer is over for good (at least judging by the number of events by the Grand Ducal Family). We held off with the grand finale of the Liechtenstein Tiara Championship waiting for more quiet times but it doesn't look like we will see any anytime soon. So here we go!
Fun fact: The tiaras that made it into the finale of the LTC are actually two sparklers that aren't in fact owned by the Princely Family. While Princess Olga's of Greece's Boucheron Diamond Tiara - which was owned by the husband of a Liechtenstein princess - has been sold, the Douglas Floral Tiara is owned by the mother of Hereditary Princess Sophie (and - fingers crossed - might became part of the princely collection one day). Nevertheless, tell us...

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