Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wedding of Prince Leka of Albania and Elia Zaharia

 Photos: PPE/Nieboer

Modern Albania might not have been a monarchy for much more than ten years but there still was a royal wedding going on in Tirana today. Prince Leka of Albania, grandson of King Zog I who ruled the country between 1928 and 1939, married his long-time fiancée Elia Zaharia at the Royal Palace. The couple's civil marriage was officiated by the Mayor of Tirana. Blessing were given by the various religious leaders of Albania, which is a tradition for the Albanian royal family that shows the unity and tolerance between religions in the country. In the evening a gala dinner was held.

Among the some 300 guests for the wedding were Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla from Luxembourg as well as a number of members of the Princely Family including Prince Philipp and Princess Isabelle, Prince Gundakar and Princess Marie with their daughter Princess Immaculata. Charlotte van der Byl, Princess of Liechtenstein was also present.

More pictures at PPE.

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