Friday, February 17, 2017

Prince Louis and Princess Tessy Officially Divorced

Prince Louis and Princess Tessy are officially divorced. The former couple, who announced their separation just a short while ago, was granted a deree nisi at the Central Family Court in London today. The divorce was obtained by Princess Tessy on the grounds of "unreasonable behaviour". The divorce will become official in six weeks and one day.

Among the court papers made public was a statement of Princess Tessy signed in January which stated that Prince Louis's behaviour, as set out in her petition, was continuing. 

The paperwork also said that a judge found that Princess Tessy was 'entitled to a decree of divorce, the marriage having irretrievably broken down, the facts found proved being the respondent's unreasonable behaviour'.

Details on the "unreasonable behaviour" were not given though it's worth noting that this is a fairly standard term that encompasses truly egregious behaviour to what might otherwise be considered minor irritations that lead to ongoing marital difficulties. This is one of five legally acceptable reasons for divorce in the UK, and one of three that provides for a shorter separation period.

Neither party were present in court. It's unknown how Princess Tessy will be styled in the future.

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