Thursday, February 16, 2017

Stay Tuned: Fashion Friday Heading Your Way

We are very excited to introduce a new series to Luxarazzi: Fashion Friday! Behind the scenes we are constantly looking for new ideas for the blog, to make it more interesting for you and us. Fashion is always a popular topic when we discuss it on here or over on Facebook. So why not make it a more regular thing? Thus the idea for Fashion Friday was born - and with it comes a new member for Team Luxarazzi. Let's give a warm welcome to Heaven, who some of you may know from Twitter or her other adventures into the royal fashion world: European Royals Fashion, Princess Marie's Closet and UFO No More.

About twice a month, Fashion Friday will bring you the latest in grand ducal (and occasionally also princely) fashion. Heaven is amazing at identifying designers and she already has a few interesting discoveries of Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's recent outfits to share. Once we also see the other ladies of Luxembourg (and Liechtenstein) out and about more again, we will make sure to also cover their fashion choices. If there happens to be a week or two without events or identified designers, we may also look at some past outfits and who the mastermind behind their creation is. Stay tuned: Fashion Friday is heading your way tomorrow - make sure to check back!

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