Sunday, February 26, 2017

Princess Tessy's Future Name Plus We Stand Corrected

Following up on our recent post about the future title of Princess Tessy (or lack thereof), we also asked the cour grand-ducale about her future name: Whether it will be Tessy de Nassau or her maiden name, Antony. However, the cour stated that they were unable to comment at this point in time what her name post-divorce will be.

Also by the wording of these two sentences, you may have noticed that we must correct some earlier statements of our's. As we learned from a dear lawyer friend (and member of the extended Team Luxarazzi), the decree nisi isn't actually a state of divorce, as we wrongfully assumed previously. We did think that the decree implied an automatic divorce after six weeks and one day. However, it actually isn't. In other words, in six weeks and one day from the day the decree nisi was granted, Tessy will have to proactively file for an absolute divorce. The decree nisi is merely an acknowledgement by the court that it can't find no reason to the contrary that a divorce should be disallowed. We stand corrected and apologise for the wrongful statement. We will now go, hide in the corner and brush up on our legal knowledge write some Luxarazzi 101 on topics we are better versed at to make up for it.

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