Thursday, May 12, 2016

Henri and Maria Teresa: Day 2 in Finland

Photo: SIP / Luxemburger Wort /
The second day of the Luxembourg state visit to Finland saw Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa at Finlandia Hall, where the Grand Duke delivered a speech at an economic seminar.  The event was organized jointly by the Finnish and Luxembourg Chambers of Commerce, along with Luxembourg for Finance and the Export Promotion Agency of Finland (FinPro)

After this, the Luxembourg delegation met with President Niinistö and other Finnish ministers, and later with the Harry Bogomoloff, Mayor of Helsinki.

Additionally, Grand Duke Henri received the Helsinki Medal of Honor, and to close out the day the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess laid a wreath at the Heroes Cross and at the grave of Marshal Mannerheim at Hietaniemi Cemetery.

More from Wort and Chronicle.


In addition to the other events on Day 2, the Grand Ducal couple also attended a reception on Wednesday evening. This was held just after a concert featuring musicians from Luxembourg.

Photos of the reception and concert at Wort (somewhat confusingly with an article about the university visit on Day 3).

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