Monday, May 2, 2016

Liechtenstein Tiara Watch in Stockholm

Photos: Sofia Svanholm

Time to marvel at some sparklers: King Carl XVI Gustaf's 70th birthday this weekend brought us one of the very rare sightings of the tiaras of the Princely Family. Hereditary Princess Sophie opted for her go-to tiara, the Habsburg Fringe Tiara, and I can't say I blame her, it's a beauty! (Though I'd really love to know how deep their vaults really are and if there are any other gems hiding in there.) Unfortunately, we did not get to see a Luxembourgish addition to the race of best tiara of the evening. 

However, what we did get was a bonus Liechtenstein tiara sighting - well, sort of: Turns out Hereditary Princess Sophie's parents, Duke Max and Duchess Elizabeth in Bavaria, were also among the guests of the birthday bash and naturally Duchess Elizabeth brought her Douglas Floral Tiara along for the party. It's the same tiara Hereditary Princess Sophie wore for her wedding in 1993.

For more tiara action, make sure to check out The Court Jeweller and Order of Splendor. Also have a look at Sofia Svanhom's blog and Flickr for loads of lovely pictures of the festivities.

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