Sunday, May 15, 2016

Second Day of Czech Visits Revisited

Photo: ČTK/Kamaryt Michal
Let's have another look at the second day of both Grand Duke Henri's and Hereditary Prince Alois' visits to Prague over the past two days. We've had a bit of a mix-up when it came to covering the events and actually covered the first day twice, here and here (and can you blame us after all the news-less weeks we've had to endure?! In all seriousness though: many apologies for the confusion!) 

The second day in the Czech Republic was all about a mass at St. Vitus Cathedral marking the 700th anniversary the birth of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV of the House of Luxembourg. Grand Duke Henri and Hereditary Prince Alois were joined by Czech president Milos Zeman and Prince Albert II of Monaco for the event, which also saw the unveiling of an unusually long exhibition of the Czech crown jewels which can be seen from the May 15 to 29.

Pictures and videos are available on several Czech websites including Denik, TA 3 and iDNES.

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