Saturday, May 28, 2016

Princely Family Fights for Inherited Land in Czech Republic

An interesting court case in the Czech Republic continues: About three years ago the Princely Family learned that Prince Franz Josef II was still registered as the owner of almost 100 plots of land near Říčany, and so they - or rather the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation - applied for inheritance. (More on why this was such a big thing in our post about the Beneš Decrees.) A district court approved their claim and the plots were subsequently transferred to the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation in the land register. 

After the Czech state became aware, they filed lawsuit against the Foundation as they believed the transferal of the land to the Princely Family to be unlawful based on the Beneš Decrees. In the first instance, the Foundation lost the case in last November but appealed the verdict. Last week, the second instance also decided in favour of the Czech state. A spokesman for the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation, namely Max Hohenberg (or Prince Max of Hohenberg), said that they will go through all four Czech judicial authorities to fight for the land. 

More information in this article of Berner Zeitung.

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