Saturday, May 28, 2016

Prince Noah Celebrates First Communion

All photos: Luc Deflorenne / Luxemburger Wort /
How time flies! This morning, Prince Noah, the second son of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy received his First Communion at the parish church of Nommern in the canton of Mersch not far from Colmar-Berg. The mass was presided over by Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich and concelebrated by the Archbishop emeritus Fernand Franck, the grand ducal chaplain François Muller, priest Albert Franck of Gilsdorf, as well as the curate of the parishes of Mersch priest Romain Richer and Father Alexander Ezechukwu. The master of the ceremonies was priest Jean-Pierre Reiners. Altar servers were children from the parishes of Dudelange, Erpeldange/Bous, Lipperscheid, Tuntange and Welfrange. 

The mass started at 10am this morning and included music by the Chorale de Fischbach under the direction of John Daems, trumpet player Guy Conter from Esch-sur-Alzette and organist Marc Loewen of the parish churches in Bridel and Lintgen.
Naturally the day brought out an array of members of the Grand Ducal Family, relatives and friends. Present to witness the occasion were (at least): Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa; Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie; Prince Louis and Princess Tessy with Prince Gabriel and the star of the day himself, Prince Noah. In addition, there were Archduke Imre with wife Archduchess Kathleen and daughters Maria-Stella and Magdalena; Prince Jean's former wife Hélène Vestur; Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla with their four children and members of Princess Tessy's family. 

Also among the guests: Prince Albert-Henri and Princess Marie-Christine de Merode with their children Louis, Marie-Blanche and Tassilo; Eleonore de Potesta with husband Diego Fernández de Córdova y Cerveró and son Rafael; Charles-Louis de Potesta; Lady Elizabeth Anson; as well as William and Rosie Stancer with son Jock. (We'll make a proper guest list once more pictures of the day have become available.)

For now, check Wort and RTL for the first visuals of the day. Late this afternoon, the cour will also release pictures from the churches interior - so make sure to check back this evening or tomorrow!

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