Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Baby News: A Boy for Marie-Gabrielle and Antonius

Princess Marie-Gabrielle, only daughter of Prince Jean and his former wife Hélène Vestur, and husband Antonius Willms welcomed a baby boy earlier this month. Little Zeno was born on June 5, 2018. Zeno is a common name within the Goëss-Saurau family and, among others, the second given name of Antonius' maternal grandfather Count Johann Zeno of Goëss-Saurau.

The little boy is the second grandchild of Prince Jean after Prince Constantin became the father of a little boy called Felix in April of this year. The son of Princess Marie-Gabrielle is Grand Duke Jean's 14th grandchild (if I haven't forgotten any, it's getting difficult as I only have two hands to count...)

Princess Marie-Gabrielle and Antonius Willms celebrated their civil wedding in May last year in Luxembourg followed by the religious wedding in Marbella, Spain, in early September.

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