Sunday, June 24, 2018

National Day Observations and Leftovers

To end our National Day coverage (sort of, there are still the garden parties which will take place next week to go, plus the Fashion Focus), here some light-hearted observations of the past two days...

Girl sure knows her angles
Photo: Guy Jallay / Luxemburger Wort /
Princess Alexandra sure has a commitment to the perfect picture. During the Official Ceremony she was at it again and once again refused to face the cameras straight instead turning slightly to her right, even if it meant turning her back to little brother Sébastien. Remember the time she did it when the Duchess of Cambridge came to Luxembourg? It was even more obvious. Girl sure knows her angles better than any of them.

To salute or not to salute
Photo: Screenshot RTL
...that is the question. Prince Sébastien joined the Military Parade this year and was seated in a row behind his parents, brother and sister-in-law. During De Wilhelmus (the grand ducal anthem), he saluted alongside the members of the military and police seated next to him. Grand Duke Henri and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume didn't. I don't actually know what's the protocoll here, so Sébastien and me could probably open a club together - or Guillaume and me, depending on who did the right thing. (FYI, during the Heemecht (the national anthem), the Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duke saluted, too.)

National Day giggles
Photo: Screenshot RTL
Towards the end of the Military Parade, the Grand Duchess got the giggles. As the European Anthem was playing, she at one point started to giggle. I would have loved to know what she was looking at! Soon after the end of the anthem, she leaned over to the other members of her family and they also started laughing.

A coat with two faces
Photo: Lex Kleren / Luxemburger Wort /
I know that both Stéphanie and Alexandra seem to love this coat as they have worn it on multiple occasions. Personally, I have never been a fan - even less so after seeing it from different angles than usual. It's like a two-faced piece of clothing... A coat that you can put an front- and backwards without it looking any different? It not only has buttons on the back, even the pockets are mirrored!

I know that hat...
Photo: Screenshots RTL
Looks like we had another had sharing moment at our hands this National Day! Mind you, Princess Claire and Princess Alexandra didn't wear the very same hat this weekend but it looks like Alexandra wore her sister-in-law's hat from a few years ago. Interestingly, Claire also repeated something this year from National Day 2016: The Vilshenko dress.

Is she or isn't she
Photo: Screenshot RTL
No, not what you think. Princess Claire did not become a Luxembourgish citizen upon her marriage (as that would have needed an act of parliament like it was the case for the Hereditary Grand Duchess). We have long wondered whether this has since changed as she can apply for Luxembourgish citizenship after three years of marriage to a Luxembourgish citizen. (Check) She would then have to prove her language skills and knowledge of the country. When I noticed during the Official Ceremony that Claire did not sing the national anthem, I thought that she isn't. However, she did sing the Heemecht during the Te Deum. So no clearing of this confusion (though singing of a national anthem, of course, never is a sign of being a citizen or not but a personal choice).

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