Friday, June 22, 2018

Liechtenstein's Honorary Consuls Prepare for 300th Anniversary

Roland Korner / Close Up AG

Hereditary Prince Alois received Liechtenstein's eight Honorary Consul's at Vaduz Castle today. They also met with Aurelia Frick during their visit.

The Honorary Consul's promote Liechtenstein abroad and are based in Frankfurt-am-Main, Munich, Hong Kong, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Atlanta. They make biannual visits to the principality to gain personal experience as most of the Consul's are not Liechtensteiners. The biggest focus of this year's visit was Liechtenstein's upcoming 300th Anniversary Jubilee. On 23 January, 2019 the principality will be 300 years old. The nation will mark this event with celebrations within Liechtenstein and abroad. They were given insight into the plans and discussed their role in promoting the events in Liechtenstein. Aurelia Frick stated that the principality is keen to share the history of the principality and the strengths of modern Liechtenstein with the world.

Plans for the jubilee have yet to be announced; however, it appears that celebrations will be extensive.

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