Saturday, February 15, 2014

Birthday Celebrations Including a Cute Surprise

Photo: 1 FL TV
Liechtenstein's head of state, Prince Hans-Adam II, celebrated his 69th birthday today and in the afternoon hours of the day, a reception took place at Schloss Vaduz. Invited were the political, juridical and religious dignitaries of the Principality as well as some family of the Prince, or so it seems. Princess Marie surely was there and I guess that the child on her arm is in fact Maximilian "Maxi" von Lattorff, youngest child of Princess Tatjana and her husband Philipp von Lattorff and thus also youngest grandchild of the princely couple.

A few glimpses of the reception can be found in this video by 1 FL TV starting at about 3:40. Pictures are available at Volksblatt, Vaterland and Vorarlberg Online.

To mark his birthday Prince Hans-Adam II gave another few interviews to Radio Liechtenstein and Vaterland in which he talks all kinds of stuff such as a new found interest in urban development and planning.

Source: 1 FL TV, Radio Liechtenstein


  1. oooo, that's really cute surprise! It's a first time when I can see the youngest child of Princess Tatjana. Thanks for this pict :))

  2. Hadn't seen a picture of him before either. The boy was called "little Maxi" by the Liechtenstein newspapers so I'm now certain it's indeed Tatjana's youngest son.