Thursday, February 27, 2014

Closing the Case...

Photo: Gerry Huberty / Luxemburger Wort / least for us unless there should be some new major revelation which I find rather doubtful. And so here we go with our last post about the Affair Bommeleeër that has kept us busy during the last few weeks and months. Today, Prince Jean, his former wife Hélène Vestur and Prince Guillaume appeared in front of court to give their testimonies. Their testimonies can be found here, here and here, respectively.

A news report about today can be found at RTL, who also have Prince Jean's press statement as an audio file. Pictures are available at Wort.

The round off the day, the cour grand-ducale also issued a statement saying that the princes were happy to give their testimonies in the hope that all the allegations and rumours which have marred the reputation of the Grand Ducal Family in general and that of Prince Jean in particular will now find an end. The cour also expressed their trust in the justice and encourage those who have knowledge about the reason behind the bombings to come forward.


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