Monday, February 24, 2014

Former Grand Duke to Appear in Front of Court?

No day without news in the Bommeleeër trial it seems. Today, defending lawyer Gaston Vogel has expressed the wish to hear Grand Duke Jean, Luxembourg's head of state between 1964 and 2000, in court. According to a report by investigators about an interrogation with former general attorney Camille Wampach, Wampach stated that the rumours about a possible involvement of the former Grand Duke's second son Prince Jean started when he was "deprived" of his rights to the throne. Vogel is bothered about the wording as it is common knowledge that Prince Jean voluntarily gave up his rights to the throne after the birth of his first daughter and prior to his wedding to the child's mother. 

The defending lawyer would now like to question Grand Duke Jean about whether he deprived his son of his rights or whether Prince Jean gave them up by himself. While the court hasn't dismissed Vogel's wish which he expressed in oral form, they prefer to hear Prince Jean and his brother Prince Guillaume before making a decision about hearing the former Grand Duke.

Source: Wort

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