Friday, February 7, 2014

Royals at Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images Europe / Zimbio
Grand Duke Henri and Prince Félix of Luxembourg as well as Princess Nora of Liechtenstein were in the Russian city of Sochi earlier this evening to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. The Grand Duke and his second son brought along not a Luxembourgish flag but one featuring the Roude Léiw. The flag with the red lion, who was proposed but declined to become the new national flag a few years ago, is very popular with Luxembourgish sportsfans, probably as chances of the usual confusion with the Dutch flag are quite low.

Zimbio has a gallery of a lot of visuals of the opening ceremony and if you must, have a look here. In difference, Getty Images makes it much easier though the pictures have watermarks. Not sure if they have spotted Princess Nora but if they did, the pictures will likely be uploaded to here.

Grand Duke Henri was also on hand yesterday to welcome Luxembourg's only athlete Kari Peters to Sochi yesterday.

Source: Getty Images

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