Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two Million and Counting

Just a few minutes ago Luxarazzi reached its two millionth visitor. He or she might have been a regular reader or a new visitor to the blog, we don't know. Whoever it was: Thank you! And thank you to the 1,999,999 visitors before! We're thrilled to bits.

The blog was founded in September 2009 and it took us three and a half years to hit our first million milestone in January last year. The second million came very quickly in comparison to that. Surely there are blogs out there who receive two million visitors during a regular week but when you consider our very narrow focus on the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg and the Princely Family of Liechtenstein, it seems all the more amazing for monarchies with about 500,000 and 35,000 inhabitants respectively and not big international profiles.

Needless to say that the four weddings in the Grand Ducal Family in the past two years have likely contributed a lot to the number of visitors we received and they also changed our audience. While Americans are still on top of the list, German and French people have overtaken Luxembourgish readers in the rankings since we reached our one millionth visitor last year. The United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada and Belgium come in the places behind. 

The blog has come a long way since it was founded in September 2009 by the original Luxarazzi, Nichole who you probably better know under her blogger name Carolina. Over the years, she had a few different people helping her both as regular or onetime contributors, thank you to each and everyone of them. I - Svenja a.k.a. Sydney - came on board in 2011 and I have enjoyed it very much. While it might seem that I have taken over most of the blogging these days, Nichole is still very much involved in everything with hundreds of messages about all things grand ducal, princely and all kinds of other topics flying back and forth between us every week. Over the past few years, she has become so much more than a partner-in-crime for this blog to me. If you'd like to know a little more about us and the history of Luxarazzi, check out this online article Wort published about us last month.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed in the past few years by sending us news, first hand coverage, photos, links and even gossip. We really appreciate it. Another thank you goes to those who give a link to Luxarazzi on their own blog or share our posts by other means such as Twitter and Facebook. Even though it was already done once in the beginning, thanks again to all of our readers, each and every single one of you. Seeing how much our work is appreciated is such a great reward for all the time and work that goes into this blog.

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