Monday, February 3, 2014

Change of Heart?

While it was previously reported that Grand Duke Henri and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume were the members of the Grand Ducal Family to attend the Sochi Olympics starting this Friday, the official agenda of the cour grand-ducale now states that the Grand Duke will be accompanied by his second son, Prince Félix, for the opening ceremony. Of course that doesn't mean that the Hereditary Grand Duke might make a trip to Russia for the event in the two following weeks of the Games but we will probably only know when we see him there. 

Here's hoping that they've given the whole thing a second thought and decided to leave the heir to the throne at home as you can't be careful enough in the current security situation. As a member of the IOC, there is probably no way for Grand Duke Henri to stay home but - in my humble opinion - the rest of the family should reconsider their travel plans and not attend the Olympics, maybe not only due to concerns over their safety.

On a very similar note, the Grand Duke is likely already on his way to Sochi as he will take part in an IOC session tomorrow.

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