Friday, February 21, 2014

Prince Guillaume As Bommeleeër? Or Not?!

The Affair Bommeleeër gets even more confusing and abstruse. A little more of someone heard someone saying that someone has said has brought out that someone thinks that Prince Guillaume might have been one of the bomb planters and even when I put in names, it does not get any less confusing. Thus far, someone else had always said that they thought they had seen Prince Jean at one of the sites of the bombings and another someone else somehow started a rumour that he might have been implicated in the bombings.

As to Prince Guillaume: assigned state attorney Georges Oswald yesterday read a statement by a witness that said that the attorney general at the time of the bombings, Camille Wampach, told Henri Etienne, a former diplomat, that Prince Guillaume was one of the bombers. Etienne apparently told or wrote to Robert Biever, attorney general, earlier this year about what Wampach told him though I'm not entirely sure by who the witness statement read exactly was.

However, since yesterday Etienne approached Luxembourg's biggest newspaper Luxemburger Wort to say that neither he nor Wampach had ever implicated Prince Guillaume but that Wampach only said "et war de Prënz" ("it was the prince"). According to Etienne, Wampach meant Prince Jean with the statement and Prince Guillaume only came into the conversation as Etienne knew him personally. Neither Wampach nor Etienne apparently mentioned what the motive of either of the princes would have been and so the Bommeleeër trial remains a case of someone heard someone saying that someone said.

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