Monday, May 12, 2014

Prince Jean Talks to Press

Photo: Alain Lamesch / RTL /
During the last few days, there had been a lot of rumours and stories about the strictness of the scheduled meeting of Prince Jean with the press during which the brother of Grand Duke Henri wanted to give a statement about the Affair Bommeleeër; only selected journalists, only one per media, no one was allowed to record the meeting, etc. Turns out, things weren't as strict as previously reported and the media is even allowed to publish recordings of the meeting though with the request not to publish it in its entirety. The press meeting wasn't organised by the cour grand-ducale but instead by a private communications agency. However, Prince Jean stated that he had the full support of his entire family.

Some short quotes from the meeting by Prince Jean, translated by me from this Wort article in German. All in all, Prince Jean talked to the press for 70 minutes.
"It was very harsh when I first heard about the rumours concerning my person. I almost had to laugh as the idea seemed so absurd. Then my brother [Grand Duke Henri] told me that it was serious and that the police were going to interrogate me."
"I was devastated. My parents raised my siblings and me with a sense of duty and responsiblity as well as great love for our country. To excercise discretion was also very important. Based on our education, we always felt a strong bond to the country. You may know this feeling when you move abroad and then come back home, there is this certain gut feeling."
[As an answer to a question] "It's probably true that the defence has availed the opportunity to cast doubt over my name or the whole trial in general. That's their game, their tactics and also one of the main reason why I am here today. I want to give answers to all questions concerning my person."
"I'm certainly neither the first nor the last person who has become a victim of rumours and suspicions. I can tell you that if something like this happens to yourself, it is very hurtful. The manner in which my name has been and continues to be linked with this affair sits heavily on my stomach. I would like for this to stop. I have tried to answer all questions as best as I could and if there are going to be more accusations by the press, I will consider to take action. I believe that this is understandable. I have both a private and a professional life. Things are continuously written about me and I do not have the chance to defend myself. I don't want to let this go unchallenged, if you want to write about me, please give me the chance to defend myself against those accusations."
Prince Jean also stressed that his family stood behind him and supported him throughout the whole time. None of them believed that he was involved in the series of bombings during the 1980's. He did not take into consideration not to talk to the police as he felt that it was his duty. Both his father and older brother advised him to talk to the press today.

A short direct quote by Prince Jean about how he felt when he was interrogated by the police - when the policemen looked into my eyes and asked me where I was on certain days, "I felt like I was dreaming" - can be found at RTL. RTL also has a video of the meeting.

Source: Wort, RTL

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