Monday, October 20, 2014

Félix and Claire Plant a Tree

Photo: Tatjana Seibt / Frankfurter Neue Presse /
Prince Félix and Princess Claire were in Germany last Saturday - don't ask me exactly how he did it cause I thought he was at the tennis final though maybe I have my days mixed up - where they planted a tree, a sycamore maple to be more specific, in Usingen, the town where Princess Claire spent most of her childhood. It is a tradition in the Hessian town (which coincidentally also lies in the former Duchy of Nassau) that all newly weds of the previous year gather to plant sycamore trees in the so-called "wedding forest".

According to press reports, the Luxembourgish royals went largely unnoticed until the mayor pointed out who had actually joined the group of tree planters. One wonders whether it will be the same next year: It is also a tradition in Usingen that an oak tree is planted for every newborn child by their parents in the following year. Let's see whether Prince Félix and Princess Claire will return to Germany to do so for their little Amalia. (Some very lovely tree planting traditions they have in Usingen, I might add!)

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