Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Award and Another Bazaar

Today was another two engagements day for Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. Right now seems to be the time for art awards in Luxembourg, just two days ago the Edward Steichen Award for modern art was awarded and today it was time for the Prix Grand-Duc Adolphe. Since 1902 it is awarded to an artist who exhibits at the Salon Artistique of the Cercle artistique de Luxembourg. Easily noticeable, the award was named for and created by the former Grand Duke Adolphe, the great-great grandfather of the current Grand Duke, on the initiative of his wife Adelheid-Marie. This year's hopefully happy winner is Marc Bertemes, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa was at hand to award him the prize at the palais. A picture of the little ceremony can be found at the website of the cour, a large gallery of photos at RTL and Manuel Dias was also there to snap many photos. For a bit of footage of a look at this video starting at 19:13

Likewise, it seems to be the time for bazaars in Luxembourg. In difference to the Red Cross Bazaar almost two weeks ago, the Grand Duchess showed up at her own this time at the International Bazaar. 57 nations took part to show off what is so special about their food, toys, jewellery and much more. The proceeds of the bazaar go to 98 charities throughout the world. A gallery of pictures can be found at Wort.

Sources: Cercle Artistique de Luxembourg, Wort

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