Saturday, November 12, 2011

Radio Interviews

First of all, Place Royale has published another preview in which Guillaume reveals why it is so important for him to win against his father and his brothers when playing tennis. *

In case you that isn't enough and you want to get to know even more about Luxembourg's Hereditary Grand Duke, you should listen to the following three interviews for Eldoradio, DNR and RTL Radio. Small hint, the DNR interview isn't just audio but a video. Also have a look at the picture gallery of Eldoradio's Prënzeparty and the ones from the RTL Radio interview.

In the interviews Guillaume reveals which sibling he is closest to, that it can get pretty intense being four boys in a family, why Alexandra is the princess of the family, what he likes to cook and when he goes to the supermarket, that Bopa Jean knows his schedule better than he does, and why he thinks his parents are the best grandparents imaginable. You can also learn about the Hereditary Grand Duke favourite bands, why he is so incredibly lucky to live in Luxembourg, that his siblings certainly never were jealous of his future job, how we was brought up and what he wanted to be as a child, that he is going to keep any girlfriend's identity private until an official engagement, and he neither has Lady Gaga's nor the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's phone number.

* He simply is a bad loser.


  1. Hey can you please do an article about what he has said in the interviews, for the ones linked in this article? I don't understand luxembourgish, French, or German so I am having a hard time understanding this. Thank you

  2. Sounds like he already has it in his mind that this is the woman he will be getting married to.

  3. could translate and transcribe the interview? because I don´t understand that language

  4. Hello !

    The links for the reportage from the Belgian channel (part1) (part2)

    You could be able to watch them whatever country you come from. :')

  5. Sounds like he's practically saying that this is the woman he's going to marry.