Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Last One: The Place Royale Interview

This is about the last post I am going to do about Guillaume's numerous birthday interviews. In case there wasn't enough information about the Hereditary Grand Duke in them for your taste, you might want to check the LAF. Guillaume's last interview for Belgium's Place Royale can be found over on youtube; click on the following links for part one and part two. It doesn't contain that much new information that we haven't already heard of in the other four interviews, except for the news that his girlfriend is from Belgium.

You might wonder why I post a picture of three wonderful ladies wearing one tiara in a post that is supposed to be about an interview the Hereditary Grand Duke gave. [Caution: rant ahead.] Simply because this interview and the documentary around it served as a reminder that we never got to see any picture of this year's National Day Gala. This isn't only a shame because Princess Alexandra is wearing a seemingly stunning dress and a beautiful tiara, but also because it tells so much about the PR of the cour. The Gala for National Day is one of the most important events of the year and no one cares about publishing one simple photo of it?! [End rant.]

The citrine topaz tiara was worn frequently by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa during the early years of her marriage, since she became Grand Duchess she favours other tiaras; to my knowledge, it was last seen publicly on the head of Princess Margaretha during a state visit to Belgium in 1999 [left picture]. I am actually not one hundred percent sure whether it is a citrine topaz tiara or not, but it does look a lot like it is and it also is the broad consent of all the bloggers and royal bling lovers out there. Though it is a bit unusual (in a good way of course), it is one of my favourite tiaras of the Grand Ducal Family.

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  1. Alexandra is wearing Elie Saab's dress, similar to one worn by Scarlett Johansson at Golden Globes 2011.